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How many travelers visit Japan?

"Visitor Arrivals" provides figures trend of foreign nationals traveling to Japan by year, month and the purpose of visit. A breakdown by country/area is provided, along with a feature that allows comparing the number of travelers between two designated countries.

Traveling to Japan: Visitor Arrivals

Which regions of Japan do foreign visitors travel to?

"Ranking of Visit Rates by Japanese Prefecture" shows visit rates of foreign travelers by prefecture. "Number of Total Lodgers by Prefecture" provide data on where foreign travelers stay overnight.

Traveling to Japan: Ranking of Visit Rates by Japanese Prefecture, Number of Total Lodgers by Prefecture

What do foreign visitors buy in Japan?

"Consumption During Travel" shows spending by foreign visitors in Japan by category, such as accommodation, transport, cuisine, and leisure. Spending by country/area is also available.

Traveling to Japan: Consumption During Travel

How many overseas travelers are there?

"Japanese Overseas Travelers" provides figures of Japanese nationals traveling abroad. Destination information can be compared yearly and monthly.

Overseas Travel by Japanese

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